I was born in northern CA on an air force base and grew up in Virginia and California, bouncing back and forth from coast to coast numerous times, including three years in England.

I attended Berklee College of Music in Boston where I graduated with a degree in Film Scoring, played in a band, and wrote jingles (which I still love when I hear a good one on the radio).

I then moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, screenwriting, and filmmaking which I did for a good long stretch, and was a period of incredible growth both artistically and personally.

I feel I’ve been an artist my entire life, discovering different ways to express myself and to create. I love the creative process and using one’s imagination and inspiration to create something out of nothing.

I still do a little acting and writing on the side, but more as a hobby and for fun, because I find my greatest joy now to be looking through the lens of a camera creating images.